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We develop comprehensive, flexible and modern solutions for automatic control engineering, connecting usability with innovative design.

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Explore all the features of Wayy products and MyWayy system. Download Wayy brochure, operation and maintenance manual for all of the Wayy products.

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    Wayy products

    Collecting temperature, humidity and pressure data and ability to control them through advanced controller and touch panel.


    Mywayy system

    Effective system management from any place connected to the Internet. The ability to set the most efficient system parameters.



    Save money thanks to optimum settings for individual devices as well as configuration of the entire system.



    Simple use of Wayy products and MyWayy system, the possibility to personalize touch panel and MyWayy system.

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The Wayy brand was created to ensure full control for HVAC systems.

Correctly configured automation equipment ensures smooth modelling of HVAC systems, their correct utilisation and, as a consequence, cost-efficient operation. Wayy offers both hardware (wide range of products) and software (MyWayy system). Wayy products and the MyWayy system are freely configurable and their full compatibility enables users to utilise their capabilities freely. Wayy ensures remote system monitoring and control when users are located outside a building. All collected data is archived and the extended data analysis module allows one to select the optimum settings for a HVAC system. The MyWayy system operates in real time and is permanently connected to individual units. Moreover, its design enables multiple users to take advantage of its features. Wayy products comply with all applicable standards, including Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC. They have also successfully passed all necessary tests conducted by the Wrocław University of Technology (Institute of Telecommunications, Teleinformatics and Acoustics).

Prior to being marketed, all products undergo stringent quality control evaluation while applicable labelling facilitates their identification.

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Main functions

  • Control

    Indicating alarm and pre-alarm states (e.g. warnings regarding filter contamination levels) for selected parameters, with the possibility of remote response in critical situations.

  • Data analysis

    Monitoring the most important system operation parameters, and creating charts and advanced system operation reports.

  • Energy management

    Analysing the operation of individual devices, optimising settings on the basis of energy consumption trends, and reducing system operation costs.

  • Modular system structure

    Possibility to extend the system at any stage, simple operation of Wayy sensors and MyWayy system.

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Wayy solutions are characterized by low power consumption.

A typical installation might include a wPLC 101 controller, wHMI 2.8 panel and 15 sensors, consuming as little as 15 W in total. Reports and charts illustrating the operation of each unit show the power consumption trends. This enables users to select optimum settings for individual devices as well as to configure the entire system.

Example: Optimisation of a heating system during transition periods (spring and autumn) Due to high temperature amplitudes, adjustment of heating systems during transition periods is particularly difficult. Incorrect parameter settings may result in high energy bills or insufficiently heated rooms.

MyWayy allows one to create a heating system operation schedule based on historical temperature values from a sampled period. Moreover, it is possible to activate additional “conditions” ensuring energy optimisation of system operation. Such control of a heating system optimizes energy consumption.

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Our range

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Mywayy system

  • System operation control

    Adjustable parameter settings for a building (at the wHMI level) and via a computer connected to the Internet.

  • System operation schedule

    Create advanced schedules, including time and selected system parameters.

  • Access to archive data

    For advanced analyses of archive measurement data.

  • System operation optimisation

    Data comparison tools allow one to select the optimum system settings.

  • Simple and intuitive interface

    The original mywayy system interface ensures fast operation and viewing of customisable features.

  • Full control

    The program ensures control, monitoring and measurement result analysis.

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Influence of work schedule and CO2 sensor on operating costs of ventilation system

Complex Wayy solutions enable reduction of the operating costs of building by providing appropriate indoor parameters. Easy access to MyWayy tools and low current consumption of Wayy products allow to effective management of ventilation, air-conditioning and heating systems. In order to show savings while using Wayy products and MyWayy system there were tests conducted on air handling unit in office building of KLIMAT SOLEC Ltd. in Solec Kujawski.

1. The establishment of an appropriate work schedule system and its systematic use significantly reduces the operating costs of system.
Factor that allows further reduction of the operating costs of system is the introduction of the recirculation chamber with the participation of the outdoor air, which is calculated on the basis of CO2 sensor indications.

The tests were conducted between October 2014 and February 2015. During this time the air handling unit worked with a constant flow of air-supply and air-exhaust at the level of 2.100m3/h and a constant supply air temperature of +22,0oC. As a max. limit of CO2 concentration of the exhaust air there was set 1.100ppm The following operating modes of ventilation unit were analyzed:

  • Mode 1 (24h/7d, recirculation 0%) – air handling unit works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, continuous participation the outdoor air 100%,
  • Mode 2 (24h/7d, recirculation 50%) – air handling unit works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, continuous participation the outdoor air 50%,
  • Mode 3 (8h/7d, recirculation 0%) – air handling unit works 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, continuous participation the outdoor air 100%,
  • Mode 4 (8h/7d, recirculation 50%) – air handling unit works 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, continuous participation the outdoor air 50%,
  • Mode 5 (8h/5d, recirculation 0%) – air handling unit works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, continuous participation the outdoor air 100%,
  • Mode 6 (8h/5d, recirculation 50%) – air handling unit works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, continuous participation the outdoor air 50%,
  • Mode 7 (8h/5d, recirculation CO2) – air handling unit works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, continuous participation the outdoor air in the range 30-100%, appointed on the basis of CO2 sensor indications.
For the analysis of the results equal periods of time of ventilation unit were selected, in each of the above modes using similar external conditions (the outdoor temperature). For each of the representative period, thermal energy and electrical energy of ventilation unit were counted. Entering the unit price per 1 kWh for both types of energy, total system cost were obtained. Results of research are shown below. As a point of reference (100% of energy consumption) the work of the ventilation unit was selected in the first mode control (24h/7d, recirculation 0%).
The main task of the Modbus is to facilitate communication with PLCs.

The protocol defines the rules for the exchange of data between two or more devices, and ensures fast data transfer with simultaneous legitimacy control. Modbus is one of the most common protocols in industrial electronic equipment. Its unique features include simplicity and operational reliability, making it a desirable solution for automation systems.

Modbus facilitates communication between numerous devices (up to 248) connected to the same network. Organisation of communication among devices is based on the rule that one Master–client is superior to other Slaves–servers. This ensures order in line occupancy rules and, in connection with error indication features, provides protection against communication hang-ups.Wayy uses the following Modbus protocol version: RTU.
The mywayy system ensures monitoring of all parameters via the wHMI panel or a computer.

The user-friendly and intuitive interface facilitates and accelerates the organisation and use of operation systematics. Products provided by Wayy or third parties may be connected via the Modbus protocol and Ethernet interfaces. The system can be managed easily and effectively from the facility or any given external location. This feature ensures effective system management at each access level. Each user may customise the application and observe particular parameters. Equipment metering facilitates fault detection and correct response. A simple interface ensures easy management of the MyWayy system and use of all advanced system algorithm capabilities. Wayy nutzt viele Versionen des Modbus-Protokolls: RTU.

How can mywayy system simplify your work?

    Efficiency measurements

    accurately determine ventilation system efficiency and ensure air-supply/air-exhaust stream balance.


    Remote access

    Access the system, charts and historical via a computer connected to the Internet. Remote control of system parameters.


    Streamlined control installation

    Easy modifications and extensions, fast diagnosis of possible faults and irregularities in system operation.


    Digital transmission

    High resistance to factors with a potential negative impact on system operation.


    Easy system maintenance

    Streamlined maintenance, easy replacement of system components and system extension.


    Easy general maintenance

    A display next to each device enables users to instantly inspect system status.


    Implementation of solutions

    Possibility to implement open solutions in the system.


    Archive data

    Possibility to advanced analysis of measured data that was archived.

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